Oil Spill: Crist Wants BP to Pay Up, Protect Florida Tourism

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Crews install protective booms around Ship Island, Mississippi

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

As the Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues threaten America’s coastline, Charlie Crist isn’t waiting for the contaminants to hit his state.

The AP reports that the Florida governor is wary of BP’s mishap coating Florida beaches and cutting into the state’s tourism dollars.

As the crucial summer season approaches, Crist has rolled out a request for the company to finance a $35 million ad campaign. The goal: ensuring Americans that the beaches, hotels and restaurants are undisturbed by the recent Gulf disaster.

Regardless of whether BP is willing to comply with the request, one major ocean current may be the determining factor as to whether Florida gets hit by an oil slick. Watch a Miami Herald video with local Nova Southeastern University scientists, explaining how ocean currents may affect the oil’s path.