The Great Lost Finale: Will It Let Everyone Down?

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We are only hours away from the Lost finale – the moment long awaited by fans who have followed every twist and clue of one of television’s most unpredictable series.

Our colleagues at Techland have already listed out all the ways that the serious better not end – all the mistakes that could lead Lost the way of Seinfeld in disappointing an entire nation.

But isn’t that really the most likely outcome? With so many fans, so much anticipation, and so many assumptions out there about what this ambiguous series has meant and why, isn’t it almost assured that tonight’s closing chapter will leave everyone disappointed?

Is it a no-win scenario?

Even if it’s a home run, American TV habits will certainly change in a post-Lost universe. TIME’s James Poniewozik has already written about “Life after Lost” – about where television and TV viewing go from here. And no matter how frustrating the finale could be – just think if it was all a dream! – the saddest prospect of all might be the notion that we may never again see a series this daring innovative.