Lindsay Lohan’s New Ankle Bracelet: How Does It Work?

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U.S. actress Lindsay Lohan poses for photographers during the 2010 Milan Fashion Week

REUTERS / Alessandro Garofalo

Lindsay Lohan went to court today. Now she has to wear an ankle bracelet.

After having a warrant issued for her arrest last week and then posting bail, the actress – who missed an L.A. court date on Friday when she was in France at the Cannes Film Festival – returned home this past weekend, and spoke to her judge first thing Monday morning.

The judge outlined many new decrees on Friday when the warrant was issued, and they became formal today. Lohan will now likely be prohibited from drinking any alcohol, required to submit to random weekly drug tests and will be required to wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet.

It’s the latter that has left some wondering: Just what is an alcohol-monitoring bracelet? Turns out the standard device used by courts is known as SCRAM, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor. This video describes the ways in which the bracelet tests for alcohol through the skin, utilizing the chemistry of the perspiration that is produced naturally by every human body.

Take a swig of alcohol, it shows up in your sweat, and that indicator is then transmitted to a database of information that can be handed over to the court.

It also comes with a tamper-proof design – as demonstrated by models who attempt to slide both plastic and playing cards against their skin, to avoid detection.

So Lohan will now be sporting a brand new bracelet – regardless of whether she’s walking out to the mailbox or taking the stage for a photo shoot. More importantly for her followers: Will it match her shoes?

It’s a paparazzo’s dream assignment.