Who Won Dancing With the Stars for 2010?

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ABC finally awarded the show’s Mirrorball trophy last night. And the winner is….

Singer Nicole Scherzinger and her dancing pro partner Derek Hough. The former Pussycat Dolls lead singer seemed the judges’ favorite for months, and after an electrifying jive that earned a perfect score, the trophy was hers. Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek finished in second, with ESPN reporter Erin Andrews taking third.

While the finale’s result may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, ABC turned on some star wattage (well, as much star wattage as Dancing With The Stars can muster) to keep you tuned in. Much-maligned reality star Kate Gosslin returned for one more dance on the big TV stage, and Buzz Aldrin made a cameo too. Even Pamela Anderson showed up for a brief performance.

Nicole’s reaction to taking home the prize? “I still can’t believe it,” Scherzinger said to USA TODAY on Wednesday. “It’s slowly sinking in.”

Above: Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Scherzinger and Hough. (Big week for Jimmy, too, as he got the exclusive with the cast of Lost after their finale on Sunday)