Apple’s iPad Hits Store Shelves in Europe, Asia

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An Apple store employee demonstrates to customers how to use the Pad

MONICA M. DAVEY/epa/Corbis

The Euro may be weakening. But it’s still beating out the dollar, and global iPad buyers are paying more.

The Associated Press reports massive lines at Apple stores around the globe on Friday, as individuals in London, Paris, Frankfurt and other cities battled for their first in-person chance to grab the latest technology fad. After battling heavy demand in the U.S., Apple began taking global iPad orders on May 10.

Which country has the lowest shelf price? Here’s a look at how the numbers compare for the basic model — 16GB without 3G service:
United States — $499 U.S.
Australia — $629 Australian ($534.02 U.S.)
France or Germany — 499 euros ($617.16 U.S.)
United Kingdom — 429 pounds ($621.66 U.S.)

For video of the device’s global arrival, view AlJazeera English’s piece above.