The Best Bill Nye the Science Guy Music Videos

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I have warm and fuzzy memories of growing up and watching Bill Nye the Science Guy on PBS. But I think I suppressed the music-video portion of the show.

Nye, for all of his talents, isn’t much of a singer, but that didn’t stop the show from producing a music video to attach to most episode, each with a groan-inducing band name. (Nirvana becomes Nyevana, Bob Marley becomes Mob Barley, etc.) But now Flavorwire has gone through and catalogued the 11 best Bill Nye music videos ever. Are they campy? Sure. But they have the best of intentions.

And as Flavorwire points out, large credit goes to the user NyeTunes on YouTube, who seems to have uploaded just about every Nye music video ever created.

(Above: “Science in Music”)