Google’s Pac Man Effect: Fancy Some Donkey Kong?

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America took a day off to play Pac Man for free online. Thanks Google. Maybe now it’s time to play some other classic arcade games online.

After all, we all loved it when Google gave us an interactive Pac Man game for a day. We loved the tech titan even more when they said it would be free until the end of the time at

But how about all those other classic arcade classics that you can find online right now? Which one is going to take off next and cost the country roughly $120 million in productivity?

Last week, I tracked down 10 of my favorite games that are already online – you can play all ten, from Super Mario Bros. 3 to Asteroids, right here – but which one has a chance of emerging as the next great viral video game event?

My bet would have to be Donkey Kong. Who doesn’t remember using the joystick to jump over those barrels and climb those ladders, scrambling frantically to save the damsel in distress?

It was – and is – an addictive, brilliantly simple game, and all you have to do is Bookmark this page and then mark out an hour on your Outlook calendar Tuesday morning. Call it Kong Hour. You’re welcome.