David Huff Takes A-Rod Hit to the Head

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That had to hurt.

Cleveland Indians starting pitcher David Huff took a blistering line drive to the face off the bat of Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez Saturday afternoon in the bottom half of the third inning, prompting an anxious delay as he was removed via stretcher. Huff  collapsed to the ground and remained motionless after being hit, but thankfully appears to be okay; according to ESPN, the Indians organization said Huff never lost consciousness or suffered memory loss. The 25-year-old will reportedly remain at a New York City hospital for observation.

Huff had given up 1 run in 49 pitches when he was poleaxed by A-Rod’s hit, which caromed off the left side of his skull and dribbled down the first base line. Rodriguez, who doubled and drove in an RBI off the ill-fated hit, removed his helmet and took a knee on the grass behind the mound once it was clear Huff was hurt. The pitcher gave a thumbs-up as he was being removed from the field, to a huge ovation at Yankee Stadium.

In the end, the Indians won one for the Huffer: The Yankees went on to blow a 10-4 lead and lost in nine innings, 13-11.

Watch the extremely painful and perhaps not safe for the squeamish video above.