@IsraelGlobalPR: The Latest in Twitter Satire

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The global-PR-department-on-Twitter conceit might be a meme already, but it’s one we love.

After @BPGlobalPR started tracking all the hilarious (made-up) ways BP countered criticism over the oil spill in the Gulf, it seemed all but inevitable that Israel’s flotilla raid would also make them the target of scathing Twitter satire. And politics (and tragedy) aside, the biting commentary from this latest Twitter feed is darkly funny:

“Guys, ‘strongly condemn’ and ‘deeply regret’ seem a bit harsh, perhaps you mean ‘fully support Israel’s actions'” (link)

“Maybe if you’d voted for us in Eurovision this wouldn’t have happened” (link)

And, in a shout-out to BP, “At least our Top Kill was successful, @BPGlobalPR” (link)

The anonymous comics were fast, launching the feed just a few short hours after word of the violence leaked out. To follow the feed, click here. For the best of @BPGlobalPR, click here.