BP Declines James Cameron’s Help; Titanic Mistake?

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Twentieth Century Fox

Of all the people who have sprung into action to aid BP with the ongoing crisis in the Gulf, who would have guessed that James Cameron would be dismissed by the company outright?

The director of Avatar – the highest-grossing movie of all time – is the same man who directed Titanic, The Abyss (which used extensive underwater sets) and the documentary Ghosts of the Abyss. He’s worked extensively with robotic submersibles, and knows a thing or two about operating at extreme depths.

On Wednesday, he attended a conference with the Environmental Protection Agency, pushing the government to secure its own subs so it could independently monitor the leak site. “If you’re not monitoring it independently, you’re asking the perpetrator to give you the video of the crime scene,” Cameron said.

He also offered his knowledge, energy and network of experts to aid BP in fighting the spill. He said the company graciously rejected his offer.

Maybe BP execs didn’t think a filmmaker is the answer to all their problems. But then again: At this point, as oil keeps flooding into the gulf and conversation keeps shifting towards a relief well that will take months to drill, couldn’t BP use as much help as it can get, and from wherever they can get it?