Casting By Twitter: Donald Glover as Spidey?

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Twitter led SNL producers to cast Betty White as host. Now the viral campaign is afoot to cast Donald Glover as the first black Spider-Man. Are web users demanding too much? (via Techland)

Our colleagues over at Techland debate the value of this viral, ground-up casting process:

A black comedian as Spider-Man? An 88-year-old hosting a live TV program in late-night? Crazy ideas, yes, but at least new and different ones. And the more dialogue we have about how to take the stale familiar franchises and inject them with something new and unpredictable can hardly be a bad development. And those who poo-poo such random acts of mass creative thinking should remember: Hollywood used to be in the business of capturing the public imagination. The only difference now is that thanks to the likes of Twitter and Facebook, the fans can meet the makers halfway, with a few brainstormed ideas of their own.

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