Ridiculous Infomercial of the Day: Kangaroo Keeper

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Kangaroo Keeper

Screenshot / YouTube.com

What do marsupials and humans have in common? The need to keep their bag organized.

That’s the thought behind the Kangaroo Keeper, a caddy that generates a place for every stray thing in your purse. The promise? That it will keep you from diving for the lipstick, searching for the mirror and missing those important cell phone calls.

It’s a smash hit, beyond the fact that it’s tied to kangaroos. They use their “keeper” to carry their young — not cheap, consumer items. Marketing fail.

Cost: $19.95 (for two large and two small bags) plus $7.95 shipping & handling

Claim: “It easily fits into all sizes of bags and purses making changing bags simple and easy.”

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