Burgers and Baristas: McDonald’s Cashes In Big on McCafe

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Anyone who has driven by a McDonald’s lately has no doubt seen the “McCafe” signs posted outside, enticing you in for a quick latte. Now that big push for high-end coffee has boosted sales across the company (via MarketWatch)

Tuesday morning, the hamburger chain reported that same-store sales rose nearly 5 percent (4.8) in the month of May, driven in large part by the addition of frappes to the McDonald’s menu. That would be Mickey-D’s variation on the Frappuccino from Starbucks – the chain’s latest attempt to target coffee drinkers on a budget.

Also a boon for McDonald’s in May: The various Shrek promotions that were pegged to the release of Shrek Forever After. Included in the campaign were drinking glasses that McDonald’s was eventually forced to recall, after it was discovered the promotional items were tainted with cadmium.