Ridiculous Infomercial of the Day: Heat Surge

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Heat Surge

Screenshot / YouTube.com

The heating bills are going through the roof. You’re shivering at night and the living room just doesn’t seem right for that mess of a fireplace. It’s time to go portable, with the aid of the Amish!

Meet the Heat Surge. It claims to operate at only 9 cents per hour on its standard setting. And yes, even in its pitch ad, the Heat Surge attests to “entire Amish communities straining to keep up with its demand” for this fireplace you plug in.

But, wait: Amish communities do not tend to associate themselves with electricity. Is the device actually Pennsylvania Dutch? And does it actually work?

Consumer Reports clears up that question, as the Amish are responsible for the wood surrounding the heater. The heater itself is manufactured in China. The artificial flames (and the bit of heat the device puts out) are produced by a pair 40-watt light bulbs.

Could that be where the savings come from?

Cost: Comes in four different colors (oak, cherry, black, white), with prices ranging from $298-$348. With accessories and an extended warranty, your bill can easily break the $500 mark.

Claim: “Miracle invention uses only a trickle of electricity while you relax in front of the soothing glow of a flameless fire and get a constant heat wave using about the same energy as a coffee maker.”

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