Ridiculous Infomercial of the Day: EZ Cracker

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EZ Cracker

Screenshot / YouTube.com

Craving scrambled eggs but can’t seem to keep the shells away from the finished product? This device will put the incredible in your edible egg.

That’s the thought behind the EZ Cracker, a hand-held accoutrement that will keep your breakfast menu from going off the deep end. With one simple motion, the EZ Cracker releases your fresh or hard-boiled egg into its bowl. No peeling necessary, just a plain Picasso-prepared omelet at breakfast. It may look like you’re giving the egg an MRI, but with graceful handling, the gadget does the trick.

Cost: $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping & handling

Claim: “You will get perfectly cracked eggs every time, and the shell is always left behind!”

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