Swedish Company Wants To Find The Best Real-life Superhero

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Image by © John Rensten/Corbis

If Kick Ass taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be a superhero.

And, according to Swedish company, T-Post, you don’t have to go to cinematic lengths to be one. The t-shirt/magazine company, which makes the first “wearable magazine” (um, awesome!), is holding a contest to find the best real-life superhero.

The rules for the contest are fairly straightforward: Have someone videotape you performing “random acts of kindness” while wearing some form of a homemade superhero costume. Upload the video to YouTube and whichever video has the most views by midnight June 14th wins USD $1000.  According to their website, the acts can be anything from helping someone with their groceries to helping the homeless.

So far most of the entries feature clearly staged acts of superhero kindness — a masked man replaces an empty milk carton with a full one or a caped man spots for his weight-lifting friend.

But a few actually depict genuine good deeds.  Two masked girls offer to wash an elderly man’s van for him and one superhero, who calls himself Rainman, walks around in the rain with an umbrella, offering it to strangers so they don’t get wet. It’s sweet and silly, and likely brightened at least a few people’s day.

The entire idea behind the contest is pretty simple and although the contest began on May 9th there are surprisingly few entries. So if you’ve always wanted to be a superhero or are a big fan of karma, slap on a costume and do some good on camera.