How to Keep Track of the Animals Killed in the Oil Spill

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A new website is keeping track of the grim tally of birds, turtles and mammals felled by the spreading oil slick in the Gulf.

The site — — keeps a running update on the number of animals killed in the Gulf, based on publicly available data contained in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s daily collection report. Now, 53 days after the spill, the total stands at 658 dead birds, 279 dead sea turtles, and 36 dead mammals.

(Of course it’s worth remembering that the number of known dead animals likely dwarfs the number that were actually killed and will never be found and tallied.)

DailyDeadBirds has a Twitter feed as well. Follow along at @BPDeadBirds.

(h/t The Consumerist)