Meet the American Vigilante Hunting Bin Laden

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Maher Attar/Sygma/Corbis

In a world where terror roams free, one man will take action into his own hands. He is: Gary. Brooks. Faulkner.

In a tale seemingly stolen from the plot of Rambo III, Pakistani authorities yesterday arrested 52-year-old Gary Brooks Faulkner of California, interrupting his one-man vigilante mission to find and kill Osama bin Laden. Faulkner had entered the country as a tourist on June 2, but on Sunday ditched the security escort most foreigners in northern Pakistan are assigned and set off for the mountainous Afghan border region, where bin Laden is believed to be hiding. He was found by police in a forest in Pakistan’s Chitral province.

This was reportedly Faulkner’s third such trip to the region. News reports were unclear about whether, this time, it was personal.

In his quest to singlehandedly end the War on Terror once and for all, Faulker apparently planned to take on bin Laden in dramatic hand-to-hand combat: His arsenal included a ninja sword and a dagger, as well as a pistol.

Faulkner apparently saw his quest as a religious one. He was found with Christian literature in his pack and allegedly assured the police, “”God is with me, and I am confident I will be successful in killing [bin Laden.]”

To readers unsure whether to consider Faulkner an American hero or a dangerous loon, NewsFeed notes that the media has already tipped its hand by calling him by three names instead of two. ‘Gary Faulkner’ would have been an intrepid adventurer; ‘Gary Brooks Faulkner’ — like ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’ and ‘Mark David Chapman’ — is just a crazy person. (via BBC News)