Lawmakers Want Strip Clubs Without Nudity, Drinking

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I Love Images/Corbis

Certain lawmakers in Missouri are on a mission to strip the adult-entertainment industry of nudity and alcohol.

Lawmakers passed a bill that, among other things, bans nudity and alcohol in adult-entertainment clubs, forbids them to stay open past midnight, and prohibits partially nude employees from touching customers.

Club owners and dancers tell the Wall Street Journal if the bill does become law, necessary jobs and revenue will be lost in a state that can’t afford to lose either. The main supporter of the bill is Republican state Senator Matt Bartle, who has been reportedly trying to curb Missouri’s adult-entertainment industry for years. His previous efforts have been shot down in either state or federal court, and there is still a chance that this bill may not be made law.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, a Democrat, has yet to sign or veto the bill. Critics warn that if the bill is made law it will face a swift challenge in court. (via the Wall Street Journal)