Broke Hitler Needed a Car Loan for His Limo

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Marcus Fþhrer/dpa/Corbis

Even genocidal dictators are occasionally hard up for some cash.

According to UPI, a new letter from Hitler was recently discovered in a German flea market dating back to his days in prison. In the letter, Hitler asks a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Munich to advance him some money to purchase a limousine, with the promise to pay him back with royalties from Mein Kampf.

“But the hardest thing for me at the moment lies in the fact that the biggest payment for my work is not expected until the middle of December,” said the letter, written in 1924. “So I am compelled to ask for a loan or an advance. Naturally something in the order of several thousand marks would be a big help.”

There’s no word on whether Hitler’s credit was suitable enough to score his new set of wheels, but the letter’s discoverer stands to make bank — UPI says it will be auctioned in July and is expected to bring in several thousand dollars. (via UPI)