Landon Donovan: Scoring On and Off the Pitch

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Landon Donovan

Joe Toth/

Will Landon Donovan’s game-winning goal help him score off the field as well?

Donovan, whose rocky relationship with Rules of Engagement actress, Bianca Kajlich, has been reported in the last few months, just may be headed for a reconciliation. The soccer player has spoken openly in the past about the couple’s impending divorce, saying that it would likely be amicable. This week, however, Donovan seems to be singing a different tune.

The soccer player is something of a national hero after bringing the U.S. team to a 1-0 victory over Algeria last Wednesday and after scoring the fateful goal he blew a kiss into a camera and said, “Hi, Bianca.” Later, when asked by reporters about the official status of their relationship, he responded with the possibly optimistic declaration, “We’re not officially divorced,” followed by, “we spoke last night. It was nice.”

Could a winning goal really inspire a love re-connection? It certainly seems like a possibility. And that, America, is the power of the World Cup. (via Yahoo Sports)