Shoes Get NBA Rookie John Wall on His Feet

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With the first pick in the 2010 NBA draft, the Washington Wizards selected a player who already had millions before his name was called.

For weeks, John Wall was touted as basketball’s top pick. And before even putting on the Wizards’ cap Thursday night, he reportedly had a $25 million deal to get him on his feet. Yahoo! Sports detailed two weeks back how Reebok reeled in its top pick for a new shoe deal.

“I feel like I had pressure since I became No. 1 in high school and was one of the top players,” Wall told ESPN regarding his play on the court. “I always got there hungry wanting to fight hard and compete in every game, so when I step on the court I’m going to take on any challenge there.”

Young players of Wall’s talent level have the advantage of off-the-court companies in their corner. About twenty-four hours before being picked, Wall and Reebok unveiled its new look (watch the commercial above). The AP reports that Reebok has been looking for a new NBA star to carry its brand equivalent to Allen Iverson in the 1990s.