Steve Martin: Super Diva?

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Steve Martin

Tony Nelson/Corbis

Steve Martin’s rider for his tour with the Steep Canyon Rangers was leaked—and, man, is he (hilariously) high maintenance.  The three-page list of requirement gives insight into the warped mind of the comedian.

Amongst the extensive list of things that the Jerk demands are:

-one (1) clipped out Allure article on “a smoky eye”

-gong and mallet for authentic Asian feel

-soft cushions for yelling into

-at least six (6) but no more than sixty-five thousand (65,000) holistic aromatherapy candles shall be placed in dressing rooms and lit no later than 1 hour prior to Artists’ arrival, enough to resemble Susan Sarandon’s bathroom in “Bull Durham”. Approved scents include Sandalwood, Clover and Flop Sweat.

Since the “leaked” rider was found on Martin’s website, it is most definitely fake. But it’s still fun to imagine 64-year-old Martin playing World of Warcraft while wearing “waterproof guyliner.” See the full list of demands here.