Box Office: Is Adam Sandler A Bigger Star Than Tom Cruise?

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I’m betting that most Americans would say a fiery Tom Cruise trumps a boorish Adam Sandler on the superstar scale any day; but the box office says otherwise. (via EW)

While official weekend estimates have not yet been released, the Friday numbers pointed to a Toy Story 3 victory at the weekend box office, with around $62 millions. In a respectable second place is going to be Sandler’s Grown Ups, with around a $40 million haul. And despite all the marketing, and the combined star power of both Cruise and Cameron Diaz, Knight and Day will come in at $18 million for the weekend and $26 million for the full five-day opening.

Even if we’re being generous – and again, this is based purely on early estimates – that’s $26 million for Cruise in an action blockbuster, versus $40 million for Sandler’s fart comedy marathon. Looking back at their last comparable project, Sandler’s Click clocked in with another $40 million, and Cruise’s Lions For Lambs captured $15 million.

So it begs the question: If you were a Hollywood executive, who would you bet more money on – Tom Cruise or Adam Sandler?