The Ultimate Twilight Experience: Six Hours. Three Films. 6:30. Today.

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How much do you love Twilight? Enough to spend 6 + hours in the theater – today?!

Starting at 6:30 this afternoon, vampire fans can take in as much Twilight as possible in select cities.  AMC movie theaters across the country are offering the ultimate Twilight Saga Experience in honor of the premiere of Eclipse tonight at midnight. For $30 you get tickets to theater viewings of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse—all back to back.

So not only will you be able to see the newest installment of the saga, but you’ll be able to relive all the Bella, Edward and Jacob drama from the first two—just in case you blinked or something the first time.

Unable to get tickets but still a major Twilight fan? Check out Time’s new interview with the Eclipse producer about Robert and Kristen’s romance or satisfy (at least some) of your cravings with 10 questions with Kristen Stewart or a New Moon Photo Gallery.