“Adopt” Bubbles the Chimp, Michael Jackson’s Old Companion, For $150

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In the year since Michael Jackson’s death, we’ve been kept abreast of what would happen to everything from his multimillion-dollar estate; his catalogue, which is likely worth even more; and even his signature crystal glove. But little has been discussed about his simian ’80s BFF Bubbles the Chimp, who Jacko hung out with as much as he did Brooke Shields.

Well it turns out ol’ Bubbles has had a career change. Rather than waddling up the red carpet with celebs, the 26-year-old chimpanzee now lives at the Wauchula, Fla.-based Center for Great Apes. But the sanctuary is looking for fans and well-wishers to help pay for the $15,000 in yearly expenses it takes to keep an animal like Bubbles.

The center is seeking people to adopt Bubbles for $150 a year, which gets them an 8×10 photo, and a personal day at the sanctuary’s annual open house.

So until he can drive fans bananas the way he did nearly 30 years ago, Bubbles will be content to scratch. tickle, jump and play with the group of seven chimps he’s been integrated with. Center officials say no attempt has been made to inform Bubble’s of Jackson’s death.