Elena Kagan Debates Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

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Because she apparently doesn’t have anything more important on her mind, Elena Kagan was asked which Twilight character she preferred: the hunky, ripped werewolf or the pale, sparkly vampire? (Hah, as if there’s even any question).

In the confirmation hearing this morning, Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar began her exchange with Kagan by mentioning last night’s Eclipse premiere, saying “I have this urge to ask you about the famous case of Edward versus Jacob or the vampire versus the werewolf.”

Kagan immediately replied with, “I wish you wouldn’t.”


I don’t know what’s more embarrassing: admitting you care about a teenage franchise or having your attempt at a lighthearted icebreaker so swiftly shut down.

Tip for next time, Senator Klobuchar: just assume the answer is Jacob.