G-20 Videos: Don’t People Know How To Protest?

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The man BuzzFeed named "Epic Why Guy"

YouTube screenshot

Throughout the G-20 Summit in Toronto, we saw striking images of violence and destruction, both on the part of protesters and police. But a few videos show that not all people really know how to protest correctly.

(Warning: These videos include some salty language.)

Even though destruction ran rampant during the G-20 riots, destroying Toronto property came with a certain ethical code. It was just peachy to smash the glass windows of an electronics store. But when this guy tried to take advantage of the situation and pick up some free stuff, that’s when people took action – and tackled him to the ground. Moral of the story: For a cause, you can cost a company thousands to rebuild its storefront, but steal one cell phone and you’ve crossed the line. Take the YouTube video’s description at heart, G-20 looters: “In Canada, we riot with a little class.”

And then there’s this man, dubbed “Epic Why Guy” by BuzzFeed. When people around him were protesting against capitalism, Epic Why Guy instead decried a local Toronto mall for being closed as riots took over the city. The man wanted to shop, and the mall took that right away from him. Talk about fighting the power.

(The YouTube user has taken the video down, but you can read more details here.)

These protesters ought to take a few notes from this guy, who really knew what he stood for at G-20. (via Digg)