Palin Punch Lines: TV Station Microphone Picks Up Reporters’ Jabs

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Maybe it was true when ex-presidential candidate Sarah Palin suggested the media had it in for her. At least that’s the way it seemed when three reporters were inadvertently caught making fun of her on a microphone that was left activated after a California speech, the New York Daily News reported.

“I feel like I just got off a roller coaster, going round and round, s*** flying out everywhere,” a reporter was captured saying on a KTXL-FOX40 microphone. Among other journalistic jeers that came after the former California governor’s speech at California State University Stanislaus included: “She didn’t finish a statement,” by one reporter, to which another responded “did she make a statement?” Another reporter quips “now I know that dumbness doesn’t come from just sound bites.”

The Sacramento, Calif., station issued a statement denying any of their staff were involved in the recording, but that their mic picked up others making the jokes.

“…Since CSU did not offer us a direct audio feed, we had to put a microphone in front of their sound system. Other reporters were overheard on that, despite several warnings that we had a hot mic, and several thousand people watching,” the statement said.