Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer Adds Fright Pre-Twilight

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The sequel to the 2009 horror hit released a teaser trailer, running before Eclipse. Judging from about a minute of footage, it looks as jump-out-of-your-seat scary as the first one.

The first Paranormal Activity was a low-budget phenomenon, costing only $11,000 to make and raked in millions after a word-of-mouth campaign. TIME’s Richard Corliss raved about it, calling it “an instructive artistic experience,” making the audience wait for the scary bits instead of using the typical in-your-face horror strategy. The sequel looks to follow this format quite well – if you didn’t gasp after the first few seconds of this trailer, then NewsFeed doesn’t know what to tell you.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the sequel is still in production and will be released in October. This trailer is certainly enough to give you nightmares until then.