8-Bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive Allows You to Control Bella, Edward and Jacob

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Just in case you feel the need for more Twilight in your life (we’ve already shared our take on the 10 eeriest things about the movie and even Judge Kagan has had to decide between Team Edward and Team Jacob), someone has made an 8-Bit ¬†Twilight Eclipse Interactive that lets you control the fate of Bella, Edward and Jacob. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure! Remember Choose Your Own Adventure and how awesome it was?

While the movies and books can get pretty annoying because Bella never makes the decisions you think she should, this interactive series of YouTube videos allows you to make choices for her. Who doesn’t love controlling people, even if they are fictional? (And if you get bored of the video game, just watch 9 other vampires on screen.)

This could be addictive. And spoiler alert–there aren’t any choices that allow you to make Bella smile more.