Amazon Pairs With Woot: After $150 Kindle, What Other Sweet Deals Are Coming Our Way?

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Don’t you just love when large corporations buy other companies and we reap all of the benefits?, the site that offers “One Deal, One Day” sales on crazy awesome stuff, just got even more crazy awesome. Today’s deal was an Amazon Kindle for only $149 (sorry guys, it’s now sold out). announced yesterday that they had purchased Woot so it’s probably not a coincidence that today’s deal was a Kindle. Now it’s left us at NewsFeed dreaming of what other Amazon-y sort of deals may be offered in the near future.

Since Amazon seems to sell just about everything, the possibilities are almost endless. We’re imagining/hoping for an iPod Touch for next to nothing, all of the Harry Potter series (in hardcover!) for one low price, and dirt-cheap box sets of True Blood (don’t judge us).

Woot, woot!