So, Stephen Colbert, Intrigued By Tut’s Missing Penis Too, Eh?

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I always knew Colbert had good taste.

On last night’s episode of The Colbert Report, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert looked into my urgent report from earlier this week, Is King Tut’s Penis Missing?, during an extensive¬† 4-minute segment. (Watch it above.)

Clearly great minds think alike. Colbert was as baffled and enthralled by the news as I was. (See Colbert on TIME’s 100 most influential people)

“Compensating for this micro-member does explain why Tut’s sarcophagus had a Jaguar hood ornament.” With Colbert’s hilarious finesse, the mystery of King Tut’s penis continues to be the center of a pretty baffling narrative, but my favorite quip was without a doubt a dig at Larry King. “Speaking of ancient shriveled kings, Larry King is retiring.” (Penises, Brains and Skulls: The Most Amazing Stolen Body Parts)

There are times in our species’ history when a member rises up to solve the great mysteries and problems of mankind. There was Einstein. There was Jonas Salk. There was Martin Luther King, Jr. (Stephen Colbert, and the 10 All-Time Greatest Alter-Egos)

So I humbly accept the role that fate has handed me: Standing side by side with the tireless Stephen Colbert, setting out to solve the great Tut penis mystery once and for all. It may not be the easiest – or prettiest – quest, but at least it will be better than Indiana Jones 4.