Vuvuzela, Meet BP: One Man’s Plans For Ear-Splitting Justice

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Millions of dollars spent in conservation efforts could seem like nothing compared to the punishment one New York man has planned for BP. Revenge is a dish best heard buzzing.

Unhappy with BP’s efforts to clean up the massive Gulf Coast oil spill, Brooklyn-based video producer Adam Quirk has started a fund raising campaign that will bring about one day’s steady annoyance to BP’s top execs. The plan? To send one-hundred vuvuzelas to the BP headquarters in London for a full day of head pounding entertainment. (For vuvuzela purists, check out pictures from the World Cup.)

Quirk currently seeks to raise $2,000 – to purchase the horns, which have become their own international celebrity since the beginning of the World Cup in June, and the rest he’ll donate to oil spill relief efforts. ( With six days left for fundraising, Quirk has already passed his support goal.) On the project’s fundraising page, Quirk says he plans to find 100 willing players through Craigslist for a day-long special concert in honor of BP.

What do you think? Does the punishment fit the crime?