Rod Blagojevich, Uncensored: An Audio Library of Political Faux Pas

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Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich


Wondering how dirty the former Illinois governor’s political laundry was? Cover your ears.

As part of its continuing coverage of the embattled politician’s trial for corruption charges, the Chicago Tribune has compiled an impressive collection of Blago’s not-so-fine slips of the tongue.

A sampling of scene one: Blagojevich’s rhetoric in a Nov. 4, 2008 phonecall with chief of staff, John Harris. The topic: A Tribune editorial suggesting his impeachment from state government.

“And we got all these op-ed, and, and then, so therefore we got to figure this out. And our recommendation is fire all those ****** people. Get ’em the **** out of there. And get us some editorial support.”

Chief of staff John Harris replies: “Right, we need air cover.”

For the full legion of audio clips of doom, visit the Tribune’s library in its entirety.