Russian Spy Update: One Suspect Admits Loyalty to “the Service”

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REUTERS/Shirley Shepherd

As 11 suspects gradually enter court on allegations of being part of a Russian spy ring, results have varied for each accused spy. Though one was allowed bail, two others were denied it and one even admitted he was more loyal to “the cause” than to his own son.
Suspect Juan Lazaro has admitted that his name and Uruguayan nationality are false. Prosecutors said he told them Russian intelligence agents had paid for his house and that his wife had passed along letters on his behalf.¬† He said that even though he loves his son, he would not violate “the Service” for him. A judge set bail at $250,000 for Lazaro’s wife, Spanish-language journalist Vicky Pelaez, because she did not appear to have spy training. She is now under house arrest.

Meanwhile, judges denied bail for Richard and Cynthia Murphy, who were living in the New Jersey suburbs. Anna Chapman, a figure whose good looks and New York City presence has given her major media attention, has not yet appeared in court.

Prosecutors argue that the evidence is just “the tip of an iceberg” so far. The suspects, U.S. Atty. Michael Farbiarz said, could even hide their secret from their own children. “Imagine what it takes to keep that kind of secret from the people who are closest to you,” he said.