It’s a Scorcher: Northeast Melts Under Massive Heat Wave

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© KMSS/Corbis

Live in the Northeast? Think twice before going outside today.

The National Weather Service issued a heat warning today for what it calls the “megalopolis” region, which includes New York City, Washington, D.C, Philadelphia and Boston. Areas in this region are expected to reach triple-digit temperatures. Officials advise for people to stay indoors and check on elderly relatives to avoid any heat-related illness.

Now that people are heading back to work after the long weekend, the blistering heat may push power usage to new heights. Consolidated Edison, New York City’s power company, expects levels to break records set in 2006.

The National Weather Service also advises for people to avoid any “strenuous activities or work-outs.” So the government wants us to just sit inside, glued to the air conditioner? NewsFeed can work with that.