Busted: “Barefoot Bandit” Colton Harris-Moore Caught in Bahamas

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Through his stealing sprees, teen fugitive Colton Harris-Moore gained Internet infamy. He’s finally been caught after two years on the run.

Colton Harris-Moore, who is more popularly known in Facebook generation folklore as “the Barefoot Bandit,” popped up in the Bahamas after being seen on surveillance cameras stealing food from a restaurant. Bahamian authorities caught him after a high-speed boat chase. Harris-Moore will appear in court this week, facing a number of criminal charges.

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Harris-Moore, 19, had been eluding authorities for at least three years since going on a theft spree in 2007 after escaping from a halfway house in his native Washington State. His spree, authorities say have covered five states as well as in Canada. He earned his name through his penchant for ditching shoes when robbing homes. He even left chalk outlines of his feet to mark where he had been. (See a list of the top 10 notorious fugitives.)

The “bandit” even has a Facebook fan page, where he’s currently drawing a mix of ire and admiration. Comments range from “You are a theft god” to “This guy is a scumbag who has no place in society.” (See pictures of Facebook’s headquarters.)