Watch: Wiseau, Bizarre Director of ‘The Room,’ Preps New Movie

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Tommy Wiseau is moving up in the world: He went from a Room to a House!

Wiseau, the enigmatic auteur behind the cult film The Room, is back in a new short film, The House That Drips Blook on Alex. The 12-minute short will premiere at Comic-Con July 24. Its producers, surely very objectively, call it “amazingly hilarious, scary, weird, and off the wall bonkers.”

If you couldn’t tell from the trailer above, Wiseau will play ‘Alex.’

NewsFeed wishes it had more to report about the plot of the film. Why is the house bleeding? Why doesn’t Alex just move out of the way? Will the blood make him fed up with this world? We are anxiously awaiting the first dispatches from Comic-Con.