Hold Up. Drop Everything. 27b/6: Read This Blog Right Now

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If you read just one thing on the Internet today, other than NewsFeed that is, let it be this.

There’s a lot of trash on the Internet—trust us, we’ve been looking—but once in awhile you come across little flashes of gold. And that’s what David Thorne’s site, 27bslash6, is—pure gold.

For those who aren’t familiar: Thorne is an Australian satirist and his website is glorious, wonderful snark. He mainly features email exchanges from his life with various characters, which are funnier than any emails should be.

Whether he’s RSVPing (repeatedly) to his neighbor’s party, trying to settle an outstanding chiropractor debt with a drawing of a spider, or helping the office secretary make a poster for her lost cat Missy, his sarcastic, irreverent humor is bound to have you trying to smother your laughter while sitting at you desk at work (uh, not that we do that).

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