So This Happened: Woman Convicted For Sending Texts — To Herself

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Image by © Vladimir Godnik/fstop/Corbis

Jeanne Manunga was sentenced to a year in prison after a plot to get revenge on her ex went awry. Her first mistake? Coming up with a stupid plot.

Apparently, Manunga purchased a pre-paid cell phone using the name of her ex’s sister-in-law. She then used the pre-paid phone to send hundreds of threatening text messages to her actual cell phone. She then reported the text messages to the police, three different times, claiming that they were sent by her ex and his sister-in-law.

Still with me?

Manunga, who is 25, did actually manage to cause a lot of grief for her ex and his sister-in-law, at least at first. They were each arrested for the text messages, the sister-in-law on three separate occasions. But they managed to clear their names when they went to the place that sold Manunga the incriminating phone.

And now Manunga has been convicted and sentenced to a year in prison for false imprisonment by fraud and filing false police reports. She was also ordered to pay each of the victims $50, 000. (via Wired)