Video: You’ll Never Want to See a Dolphin Show Again

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via YouTube

Let me outta here!!!

Is this video further proof that animals who exist in wide, open oceans in real life are not such fans of spending their lives in tiny, glass cages?

After a first attempt fails, this determined dolphin successfully careens himself over the aquarium wall to…freedom? Hardly. Though the video cuts off before we learn the dolphins fate, I’m willing to bet they somehow maneuvered him right back into the cage.

Though, of course, the conditions of his captivity and the mental state of the animal can not be gleaned from this video, we do know that (a) dolphins are widely-believed to be the second smartest animals on the planet and (b) that Japan is not exactly known for treating dolphins well. If the trailer for the Oscar-winning documentary¬†The Cove doesn’t make you cry, this PSA just might.