Does Sarah Palin Have a Consultant Write Her Facebook Page?

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The one-time vice presidential candidate’s Facebook page is the stuff of legend. But is it really her putting the pen to the, uh, screen?

At Techpresident, Nancy Scola dives into the numbers from Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC. Among the expenses? $22,000 to the firm Aries Petra Consulting, including $10,000 in June for “Grassroots/Communication Consulting” and $6,000 a month in April in May for “Consulting Internet, Message.”

Scola points out the significance:

“Aries Petra is helmed by Rebecca Mansour, described by Politico’s Ken Vogel as ‘a Los Angeles screenwriter and political neophyte whose creation of the popular cheerleading blog Conservatives4Palin endeared her to Palin’s inner circle and led to her being hired to help manage Palin’s Internet presence, including her closely watched Facebook page.'”

Could it be Mansour, not Palin, who puts together posts like the one suggesting environmentalists are to blame for the oil spill? According to Scola, there’s no word from the Palin camp about the rumor. (via Techpresident)