How Much Does Lego Love David Beckham?

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The answer? A lot. And you don’t need to spend hours piecing it together to figure it out.

The world’s most famous soccer player has had more time on his hands recently due to picking up a long-term injury in March, which meant he couldn’t play in the World Cup. So he picked up a new interest instead. And is Lego reaping the reward after the global icon mentioned in a recent webchat and a British talk show how he loves nothing more than building the Taj Mahal (which contains a not inconsiderable 5,922 pieces.)

Becks casually dropped into the conversation that, “if I was not a footballer I would love to be a Lego model builder.” And the Danish company might now be tempted to — ahem — spend it like Beckham after revealing that sales of the item in question have rocketed an incredible 663% since he made his remarks. The Taj Mahal costs $300 and is only available online, which is how Beckham found it. (See more on Lego’s revival here.)

Emma Owen, spokeswoman for Lego U.K., presumably couldn’t contain her delight, saying, “As a fan of the product, David Beckham and his family have been invited to tour the Lego headquarters in Billund, Denmark, and contribute new ideas to the Lego Group.”

And while the Beckhams have yet to respond, they could probably ask to be given the company as a token of gratitude and get their wish. Meanwhile, we here at NewsFeed are almost certain that Beckham is also a huge fan of our work, and would encourage you to read our stories.