Darth Vader Suspected in Bank Robbery

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A man in a Darth Vader costume robbed a Chase bank in Setauket, Long Island on Thursday morning.

The Star Wars villain stood up the bank by wielding not a light saber but a pistol, an element that probably shocked the bank customer,who initially “thought it might have been a joke.”

After a “shoving match” with the customer, who at first defied Vader’s dark forces, the costumed criminal demanded money from the drawer and the teller, who, apparently convinced that this wasn’t an ‘Improv Everywhere’ stunt, supplied him with the money.

This was the most recent of a string of eccentric thefts, with a “bouquet bandit” raiding banks accompanied with flowers and potted plants as well as the “barefoot bandit,” who committed his crimes barefoot.

The evil Jedi escaped on foot through the parking lot, with an unknown amount of money. Police said the suspect stood just over six feet tall and was sporting, as well as a mask, a blue cape and camouflage pants.

It turns out even Sith lords are suffering from the recession. (via WHEC and the Guardian)

Zander Sharp