“Winnebago Man” Jack Rebney Hits the Talk-Show Circuit

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Jack Rebney, center of documentary Winnebago Man, went on Leno last night — and the notoriously grumpy viral-video star was charming and pleasant. What?

Rebney became an unwilling Internet sensation when outtakes from a RV commercial he filmed hit YouTube. Let’s just say the shoot didn’t go to well. (Warning: the video below has very strong language.)

Now, Rebney is the star of documentary Winnebago Man, directed by Ben Steinbauer. In the film, Steinbauer tracks him down with the help of a private investigator, and finds he is living in isolation in a cabin in the woods. Reviews of the film call Rebney “irascible” and “disaffected,” yet in last night’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, he seemed just lovely, if just a slight bit curmudgeonly. See the second part of Rebney’s appearance below.

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