Hey Kanye, Where’s Our “Shout Out”?

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REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Kanye West has joined Twitter. So when can we expect #ego to become a trending topic?

The notoriously arrogant musician joined Twitter today using the handle @KanyeWest. And, unsurprisingly, despite already having more than 65,000 followers, he has yet to follow anyone else.

Then again, judging from his Twitter feed, his sole purpose of joining seems to be to “shout out” and link to sites that mention him, so why should he care what other people are saying?

Alright, now that NewsFeed has mentioned him (admittedly, in a slightly less-than praiseworthy way), we are waiting for our shout out. But while we’re waiting, you can check out TIME’s top 10 outrageous Kanye moments.