Jersey Shore Season 2: Are You Ready?

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Snooki and crew return to TV tonight, as season 2 of Jersey Shore kicks off. At Tuned In, TIME’s James Poniewozik has a preview of what to expect.

In the shift between seasons, the show itself seems to have changed a little, though probably more because of time than location. Like The Real World, The Hills and other MTV reality shows eventually did, Jersey Shore increasingly seems like a TV show about being on the TV show Jersey Shore.

The attitude shows up, in the debut episode, in small ways, such as how the characters talk about “bringing Jersey”—i.e., all the hijinx you loved last season—to Miami. (Which, per the clip above, has apparently been renamed “Miami, Bitch.”) The dudes and dudettes of Jersey Shore are famous now, so the show comes across less as a study of spray-tanners in their natural habitat, and more like The Touring Road Company of Jersey Shore.

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