Intentionally Vomiting on Someone Will Land You in Jail

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Image by © James Hardy/PhotoAlto/Corbis

A New Jersey man was sentenced to up to three months in jail after vomit assaulting an off-duty police captain at a Phillies-Nationals game. So, I guess the first question would be—what is vomit assault?

It’s exactly what it sounds like—which is disgusting! Apparently 21-year-old Matthew Clemmens was heckling Michael Vangelo and his daughters at the April 14th game, and things escalated to the point where Clemmens felt it was necessary to stick his fingers down his throat and vomit on Vangelo. To make matters worse, Clemmens then began punching Vangelo in the head.

Clemmens was arrested and charged with assault, harassment and disorderly conduct. He pleaded guilty and in addition to jail-time, was sentenced to two years of probation and 50 hours of community service. By law, he could have been sentenced to two years in jail, so some could say he got off lightly.

Clemmens’ lawyer told the press that his client likely “consumed too much alcohol” and that his actions were out of character. Which I’m sure is mildly comforting to Phillies fans.