Congratulations America—You’re Drinking More Than Ever!

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Caspar Benson/fstop/Corbis

Well, at least more than the past 25 years according to a new poll.

Slate reported that a new Gallup poll found that 67% of Americans say they drink alcohol—the highest percentage recorded since 1985.  The drink of choice? Beer for the majority of Americans. You might think that that’s because beer is relatively cheap in the U.S. but the poll also shows that the more money you make, the more likely you are to be a drinker. The same goes for those who are college-educated and those who don’t attend church.

So what does this poll show us, exactly? Americans drink and they like to drink beer, now even more. Groundbreaking!  But in keeping with the spirit of the times, check out TIME’s top 10 forgotten liquors to see some options beyond Bud Lite.